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Template Benchmark Problem

(give your problem a not too long, clear name which you use here as title and also for naming this page)


* Your-First-Name2 Surname2, email@address2, institution2, country2
* …

Problem description

(100-500 words)
State your problem as clearly as possible. You might use formal notations but need not necessarily do so. The wiki supports the Latex-style of writing formulas, e.g. $a=\sqrt{b}/\pi$.

Most important existing work/references, early results

(20-500 words)
Provide links or references to the most important existing work regarding the problem (if some exist) and briefly state what has been done already.

Practical relevance

(100-500 words)
We seek benchmark problems with substantial practical relevance. Argue why this is the case for the problem you suggest. List existing or possible applications.

Theoretical accessibility

(100-500 words)
There needs to be a challenge and at the same time good chance to access this problem from the theoretical side. Argue why this is the case. What might specific theoretical techniques be that can be applied or further developed here?

Particular research questions or challenges

(100-500 words)
What are more specific research questions or challenges that you consider interesting to answer for this problem?

Availability of benchmark instances

(20-200 words)
Are benchmark instances for practical evaluations already available or do you intend to create some? May we make them public at our web page or are there any restrictions? Are these artificially created instances or instances from some real-world application?

Willingness to present/discuss the problem at the meeting in October

Would you be willing to present this benchmark problem its existing work, challenges etc. at our first workshop, which is planned to take place on 17th/18th October 2016 in Cluj-Napoca (Romania)?

Intended own research work

(0-500 words)
Do you have any plans to contribute to the challenges regarding this problem? What are they?

Other researchers and groups contributing to this problem


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